Durham Dances - Megan Ross!


I am so excited about the images I made with Megan Ross at Bennett Place! She had so many incredible improvisational moments that I could hardly keep up! It was brutally sunny and hot that day but Megan powered through and created amazing images for over an hour. There were a couple of locations we used as backdrops as we moved around the site. When picking images for the book there can be a battle in my mind over the recognizability of the space and strength of an image. Not to mention the end question of what feeling do I want the portrait of a dancer and place to convey? There are always so many questions like this when creating art. Sometimes I just have to shrug and pick one, because the dancers I work with are so amazing they give me too many options! I can’t wait to show you more photographs from the book! Pre-order will be available soon!

Learn more about Megan!

Where were you born and raised?

Birmingham, Alabama

What type of dance do you practice?

I perform and choreograph modern/contemporary work, but I still love a ballet class.

When did you start dancing?

I asked my parents to sign me up for dance classes when I was four.

What made you keep going with dance?

I loved the feeling of performing. On stage I became someone who was confident, strong, and took up space. I still dabble in performance, but I love to pull that same feeling of power out of the dancers I work with in my own choreography.

What's your Durham connection?

I originally came to Durham in 2015 as a student at the American Dance Festival and immediately felt this was a place I could live post college. In 2017, two weeks after graduation, I moved into my first apartment and began working at Barriskill Dance Theatre School.

Favorite things to do when not being a marvelous dancer?

So much of my life is dance that this has always been a tough question to answer. I am an avid Pilates fan and soon to be certified Pilates instructor. I also enjoy normal everyday activities like Farmer's Markets, hiking, and the food scene in Durham.

Find Megan on Social Media!

Website: mgnross.com

Instagram: @mgnross