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ShaLeigh's Fairy Bachelorette Party

ShaLeigh and Shannon, the gorgeous pair below, are getting married in August! I was so excited to be a part of ShaLeigh's Bachelorette party. There was henna, fairy wings, beautiful makeup, puppies, dancing and champagne! I have always loved ShaLeigh's ethereal, magical aesthetic, which is probably why we work together so well. Scroll on for more images from the awesome shoot, including one of the most romantic moments I've photographed in a long time.

Thanks to Stephanie Hallmark at Sparkle Body Arts for the awesome henna! Check her out here:

And this was the most romantic moment of the night. Unlike most Bachelorette parties Shannon was there for some parts. His bachelor party consisted of friends, wood fire and drinks. Shannon had come back into the house with ShaLeigh and they were in the living room when her sister started playing and singing Ben Fold's, The Luckiest.

It was a beautiful moment. I almost cried, then again I'm a cryer and I'm OK with that. Life is beautiful, love is beautiful, and sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the joy and love that is in the world. It is easy to forget that joy in the frazzle of everyday, but with my work I am lucky enough to see moments like these over and over again. Photographs really are memories, and ShaLeigh and Shannon will have the images of this moment forever.

Much love to you both, 


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