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Jessamyn Stanley:

Yogi Extraordinaire

Rocking out on the Corcoran Parking Deck



It is always a pleasure to work with Jessamyn! This is our fourth shoot together and we went for an urban vibe on top of a parking deck. We were shooting for Addition Elle, who are as they put it are "...the style destination for fashion forward and fun-loving plus-size women."

Jessamyn and I have talked about the fact that often the only choice for plus-size women in workout clothes is something frumpy that gives off the vibe that they should "cover up". And why? In Jessamyn's words, "Yoga fashion doesn’t end on the mat, and plus sized teachers deserve to look as cool as our slimmer comrades. I’m so glad that designers are finally not just trying to make plus size activewear AVAILABLE but also FASHIONABLE."

Scroll down to see some plus-size fashion and the amazing Jessamyn's amazing yoga!

Keep kicking ass Jessamyn. Check out her site/twitter/instagram below!

Mat by @mandukayoga
Swimsuit by @additionelle

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