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Carolina Inn

Chapel Hill, NC

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Congratulations to Jenny and Jonathan!

Jenny and Jonathan were married on April 30th, 2017 at the gorgeous Carolina Inn. It was such a beautiful venue and it suited the couple perfectly! Jenny and Jonathan met at medical school and have been friends for 7 years and a couple for 4 years. They both have a lot of nostalgia for Chapel Hill and UNC, so in her own words, "having our wedding back home is... so much more than just getting married." I felt honored to be a part of their wedding day. I'm really thrilled with their photographs and excited to share them with you!

Getting Ready

First Look



Jenny & Jonathan


I just have to give a shoutout to this toast, it was one of the most beautiful and moving toasts I've ever heard!

Grand Exit

Congratulations again Jonathan and Jenny, you are an absolutely brilliant couple and I wish you tons and tons of joy in the years to come.

Special thanks to my second photographer, Eric Waters!

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