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Gorgeous Baby and Mama

A photo-shoot with the brilliant Sierra and Rielynn

I feel so lucky to be able to capture these two lovely ladies. The shoot was on location near Sierra's house. I traveled out to visit them and we played in the field. The North Carolina woods and the green backdrop of the grass was perfect for the session. The weather even cooperated and we caught that beautiful late afternoon light!

One of my favorite images from the session (and maybe ever) is the black and white below where Rielynn is reaching for the camera. She's so curious!

To get this angle for the shot I had to maneuver beneath the trees and use my head to hold some of the branches back! I really wanted the red leaves in the tree to frame mother and daughter. I used a wide aperture to create an out of focus foreground that is a bit ethereal. I also loved the red leaves as a complimentary color to the green of the grass, plus it matches Rielynn's bow!

I got to get on the ground too, and check out the world from a kid's eye perspective!

I love this image. The sunlight filtering through the trees creates this gorgeous backdrop for mother and child.

The lens I used for the above shot is called a tilt shift. It is a dreamy lens when used for portraits and serves to focus just on one sliver of the image. I love how it creates this other-worldly look and focuses just on Sierra's eyelash, letting the rest of the image flow away. I was looking to capture the love they share using the backlit sun, the kiss on the forehead, and the tilt shift lens to make the whole image come together.

They are both just too gorgeous! I can't wait to watch Rielynn grow.

Also, Sierra makes the lovely bows in many of her daughter's sessions! Check out her bow making facebook page for awesome bows:

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