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For New Wedding Photographers: 10 Things You Want That You Probably Never Thought About

These are all things I wish I had known when I was starting out a few years ago!

Some of these I have posted about before - but there are extras if you keep reading!

1) Hairpins, all colors. Somebody is going to have their hair unraveling right at the last minute. If you have a bobby pin ready at hand, you will look professional, and provide a much needed easy fix.

2) Small sewing kit. For the same reason as above. Be prepared. I have seen groomsmen waiting in the wings while someone reattached a roaming button.

3) Gaff tape. Always, always carry gaff tape. For any piece of gear if it is not attaching perfectly, to help keep a wedding dress hanger at just the right angle, to fix bags, and pretty much anything else.

4) Speaking of hangers, bring a gorgeous wooden hanger with you. You do not know what the dress will be hanging on before you get there. Nothing kills the magic of a wedding dress faster than a metal hanger and fluffs of paper stuffing.

5) Snacks and water. Photographing a wedding is a long, long day with very little stopping. A dehydrated, hungry photographer, is not a photographer at their best. This is a wedding day, we are making images that people will treasure. We need to be at our best!

6) Small items: Nail Clippers, band-aids, neosporin and hand lotion. Odd, I know, but hear me out. If you've photographed a wedding with a bad hang-nail, gotten a small cut or had someone else get one, or photographed in the rain/wind/cold, these are awesome to have.

7) Altoids or mints. You, the people around you, especially brides, grooms, may want a breath freshener throughout the day.

8) Family Liaison. This is a beautiful person that is great to enlist if you can. This person knows the names and faces of most of the family and wedding party. They help with corralling family members into one place, making sure everyone stays aware of the time, shepherding groomsmen, making sure all of the grandparents are present for family shots, etc. Always check with the bride and groom to see if they think there is a good person for this job. This is also be a good role if someone doesn't have any other designated wedding role and needs one.

9) Back up clothes. Throughout the day you may encounter spills, rain, mud, small children, food, etc. Accidents can, and will happen. It never hurts to have a back up, professional, change of clothes.

10) Learn how to tie a tie in several ways, (full windsor is for super spiffy events, like weddings, ( how to put on a boutonnieres (, and fold simple corner squares ( Having these skills down can be helpful if anyone desperately needs a hand. These skills are most likely going to come in handy while the groomsmen are getting ready.

*** Photo tip for boutonnieres *** - Have the man look up at whoever is pinning the boutonniere on and ask for a smile. This will keep you from having awkward images where the groomsmen are trying really, really, hard to see what is happening with the sharp pin that is being used to keep the flowers in place.

And that's it for now.

Best of luck out there!



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