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"Words have never been my thing... Dance gives me the medium with which to connect what’s inside me to what’s out in the world." - Allie.

I am so excited to share Durham Dances post #5 with you all! Allie and I had such a great shoot at the Scrap Exchange and the parking lot nearby. I thought, what's more Durham than the Scrap Exchange? So that's where we started off the shoot. Then we moved outside to the amazing parking lot where no one ever, ever parks. The building and ziggurat stairs have a weird, graphic quality that I loved. I asked Allie to come down the stairs, "dancer like," and we made an awesome series of portraits that you can see below. The last spot we shot at was with the abandoned train cars next to the parking lot. Scroll down for the epic photos and to learn more about Allie! Enjoy!

If you haven't seen any other posts, Durham Dances is a book in the making! I am featuring great dancers at unique Durham locations to make a coffee table book. Get excited!




All about Allie!

Where were you born and raised?

Born in Omaha Nebraska, raised in Concord North Carolina

What's your Durham connection?

I moved to the Triangle from New York two and a half years ago on a whim. I was in Carrboro till summer 2015 and have been in Durham since then. I was taking classes in Durham before I moved here because I already felt so connected to and welcomed and intrigued by the community.

When did you start dancing?

I think I was 8 years old, maybe 9.

What type of dancing that you do?

Primarily contemporary dance and ballet. Also lots of silly kitchen and car dancing.

What made you keep going with dance?

Words have never been my thing, either for communicating with others or for connecting to my own thoughts, feelings, and desires. Dance gives me the medium with which to connect what’s inside me to what’s out in the world.

Favorite things to do when not being a marvelous dancer?

Sew clothing, embroider, cook, hang out with my perfect angel of a cat, buy hats and shoes, read feminist blogs.

Check her out on Instagram!


Thanks so much for a great shoot Allie! Durham Dances post #6 is coming soon!

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