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"I appreciate more and more the joy of dancing for the sake of it, because it feels good for the body and the soul." - Adrienne Hoarfrost -

I'm so excited to share post #4 in the Durham Dances project! Adrienne and I did our shoot at the Eno River swing bridge. Between the dancer's poses, the lines of the bridge, and the beautiful natural green background, I think we made some magic. Check out the images below, and read on to learn more about Adrienne!

4 shoots down, and many more to come before the book is printed, stay tuned!

We started off at the swing bridge to create some lovely, natural light images.

While on the bridge, we did a few portraits.

To create a greater variety of shots from the shoot, we explored the nearby woods. I spotted this grove and we started shooting!

After shooting some natural light photos, it was starting to get pretty dark. To mix things up, I pulled out my strobe and used a bare bulb to make images with a harsher look. I absolutely love the photo below. The way her body echoes the shape of the tree on the left, and the way the light picks up those funny little plants to her right, is just awesome.

For our last few shots we moved back to the river to catch the last bit light. You can see the swing bridge in the back right of the image.

So who is this gorgeous dancer? Read on to find out more about Adrienne!

Where are you from?

Portland, Oregon

When did you start dancing?

When I was 8!

What type of dancing that you do?

Ballet, hip hop, and modern mostly

What made you keep going with dance?

The love of it! Especially as I become a more mature dancer, I appreciate more and more the joy of dancing for the sake of it, because it feels good for the body and the soul.

What are your favorite things to do when not being a marvelous dancer?

Studying microbes in the ocean and the blurry lines between life and the abiotic Earth; Lazy mornings with my puppy and my husband and coffee; Pattern drafting and sewing; Building furniture

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