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I'm making a book. A book filled with Durham Dancers photographed in Durham. I'm stoked, and you will be too when you see the photographs.

At some point after photographing a dancer or two around Durham I had a revelation. Durham has a ton of interesting landscapes to offer a photographer. From the gorgeous nature in Eno River, to quirky downtown venues, crazy restaurants, and urban decay (and many more). Durham also has an incredible number of wicked dancers. And I do love to photograph dancers. So I thought, why not put the crazy cool locations and amazing dancers together and make a Durham book? I'm interested to see a book filled with Durham dancers, and I'm hoping more people will also be interested in seeing it, and maybe even purchasing it when it gets made! In the meantime, stay tuned for more dance shoots, blog posts, and general social media shenanigans.

And if you are a dancer or know a dancer who is interested in this project please message me using the contact page.

This photo features the one and only, Nicole Lawson, a self described modern/contemporary dancer who has been dancing almost her entire life. More photos from the shoot are coming soon!

Get excited!


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